Listen to what some of our customers are saying:

Mediation was our first and only option. The process enabled us to remain reasonable and work together as parents for the benefit of our children.

- Jackie

When friends divorce, it's hard on everyone. My ex-wife and I still care for each other and had trouble making the decision to separate. Divorce Without War® provided us with a peaceful resolution and enabled us to remain friends throughout the process.

- Bill

As a professional working with couples, I am glad to have the option to refer couples to Divorce Without War® when they are looking for a peaceful solution for separation or divorce. Divorce Without War® is an excellent choice for many couples who are willing to work openly with one another. Divorce Without War® offers couples the best of both worlds - legal guidance at an affordable cost, using a process that is not emotionally destructive to families. I receive nothing but positive feedback from all of my clients who have worked with Divorce Without War®. When appropriate, I will continue to refer couples to Divorce Without War®.

- Marsha

As a family attorney, I fully trust the DWW team and believe in their mission of Mediation. DWW cares so much for the people they mediate and for the ultimate goal of a low-cost, peaceful divorce. I highly recommend DWW for divorce mediation.

- Regina