The Long Way Home For Adults Who Were Children Of Divorce

There are millions of adults who experienced the trauma of their parents’ divorce 20, 30 or 40 plus years ago. Some have found closure, but many more have not. Regrettably, it is a time in a child’s life that is never forgotten; it sticks with them. For anyone who’s experienced it, you know it isn’t only about divorce. It’s about the years of tension in the home leading up to the divorce and those commonly miserable years after the divorce.

Fifteen years ago, Miami-Dade became the first county in the United States that would not grant a divorce in a family until the children completed the Sandcastles Program for children of divorce. Since then, more than 300,000 children of divorce have completed the Sandcastles Program internationally and it continues to help children of divorce share their deepest emotions and gain a feeling of normalcy.

We’d like to think it all stops there — in the past. Sadly, our childhoods remain a part of our adult fabric for better or for worse, and with divorce in the past, there is a load of negativity that never goes away.

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