Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

All parents are co-parents. Every child has two parents, and from the beginning, we have to contend with our co-parent and all of his or her opinions, attitudes and behaviors.

Whether or you are married or not, whether you are co-habitating or living separately from your child’s other parent, sharing parental responsibility is hard work. It can be fabulous, rewarding, messy and heartbreaking – and it frequently asks more of us than we are prepared to give.

Parents who live together face many of the same tough questions as those who parent apart – How much junk food? How much screen-time? What bedtime is appropriate? How to pay for a sport, a summer camp or a cellphone? Why are you, dear co-parent, “always” late (or overly controlling or too lenient or too strict?)

Parents and young daughter

Parents who live together, married or not, may be more likely to work collaboratively, but not always. There are married parents living in high-conflict households, in which the children suffer from frequent exposure to parental fights.

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