Planning together, vacationing apart. Nine tips for divorced parents.

It’s here – summer. Kids dream of it all year. Often the highlight of the summer for kids and parents is a family vacation. When you’re divorced or separated, family vacations can be more complicated. You’ve got a parenting plan to work around and an ex to deal with. Follow these tips to make sure summer vacations live up to their potential.

Summer Vacation Divorced Parents

Plan Ahead:

In many situations, each parent is entitled to a chunk of uninterrupted vacation time with the child. It’s essential that you coordinate with each other and not make any firm reservations until you’ve cleared the dates with the other parent. The last thing you want to have happen is for both of you to pre-pay for a trip for the same dates. If your ex is being evasive and won’t agree, put your request in writing (keep a copy and send it certified mail) so there can be no confusion. Give him or her several days to respond and if you get no answer, plan your trip.


Article Writen by: Divorce Without War June 18th, 2014

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