Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

There can be many benefits to choosing divorce through mediation. The cost and amount of stress can be greatly reduced through a collaborative divorce. Continue reading to learn why an amicable divorce might be right for you.

collaborative-divorce-benefits: “The comparison in cost is dramatic if collaborative divorce is compared to people who are in and out of court in contested litigation,” Hansen says. However, she adds that divorcées should choose the process based on quality, not because it is a less expensive measure. 

Speed: The pace of collaborative divorce is determined by the couple—if they choose to reach a resolution quickly, they can. If they’d rather not rush through the process, they have that option as well.

Low-stress environment: The couple sits down with their lawyers to talk through each aspect of the divorce. Mental health experts are brought in, and if there are children involved, co-parenting techniques are developed. “A divorce may end the marriage, but it doesn’t end the family,” says Hansen.

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Article Writen by: Divorce Without War July 10th, 2014

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