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Gerald S. Deutsch (Jerry) is the founder of Divorce Without War® and currently practices in his Fort Lauderdale, FL, Divorce Without War® office. Jerry, an established divorce attorney, has been a practicing member of the Florida Bar since 1959 and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified family mediator.

Over twenty years ago, Jerry became frustrated with the lack of resources available to couples seeking an alternative to litigated divorce. His experience with litigated divorce often demonstrated it to be a destructive and lengthy process involving opposing attorneys, who are ethically prohibited from representing both parties and therefore are trained to advocate one side to the detriment of the other, often with no regard for what is best for the family. Jerry observed many lengthy court battles that depleted family assets and interfered with opportunities for personal growth. He saw this litigated process causing deep and lasting emotional trauma.

Wanting to provide couples with an inexpensive and peaceful alternative to litigated divorce, in 1992 Jerry created Divorce Without War®. Today, the program is credited with helping thousands of couples navigate the divorce process to achieve a peaceful, affordable and legally smart divorce, and has received national attention for its success. Jerry has been a guest on many radio and television programs to discuss mediation and divorce reform.

In 2007 Jerry joined forces with Helen Stein, Esq. an experienced attorney and mediator, who opened her own Divorce Without War® office in Miami, Florida. Then in 2012, Jerry sold the national rights for Divorce Without War® to Helen and Tom Cromer, her business partner. Helen and Tom now operate Divorce Without War® USA, LLC, and are franchising offices throughout the United States.

A Message from the Founder:

For most people, the prospect of dissolving a marriage is perhaps the most traumatic and dehumanizing experience of their lives. Fear, hostility, guilt, depression, anger and insecurity are among the range of emotions commonly experienced by people facing divorce. They are vulnerable to anyone who can offer them assurances of victory and are receptive to any suggestions that reinforce hostility toward their spouse.

During my career as a divorce attorney, I was unable to deal with husbands and wives together, because an attorney is ethically prohibited from meeting with both spouses even if asked by both to work out a peaceful settlement. The result is that each spouse hires separate counsel and the battle begins. The process increases hostility and hurts the children of the marriage, and enormous sums of money are wasted to finance the battle.

To those angry or hurt spouses who believe that the court system will provide them with a forum to vent their anger and punish their spouse, I say that using the court system will prolong your own pain and impair your ability to move on with your life.

Divorce Without War® is The Sensible Solution™.

Click here to view Gerald S. Deutsch’s Ft. Lauderdale Divorce Without War® office.

Mediation was our first and only option. The process enabled us to remain reasonable and work together as parents for the benefit of our children.

— Jackie

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