10 Reasons to use Child Custody Mediation:

Child custody mediation provides parents with a valuable alternative to an adversarial divorce. Through the process of mediation, parents have the opportunity to work together and create a parenting plan that honors each parent’s unique contribution to their children’s upbringing. Consider the following benefits of child custody mediation:

Child Custody

1. Mediation is Non-Adversarial

Child custody mediation is a collaborative process with a common goal in mind: to do what is best for your children. Unlike the adversarial divorce process, mediation focuses on what is truly best for the children. Through this process, you will be able to establish a parenting plan that enables both parents to be actively involved in the children’s lives. The alternative is taking your ex-spouse to court and suing for custody of your children, which in many cases creates even more dissension and conflict.

2. Mediation is Easier on Your Children

A contested divorce is wrought with conflict, and we know this has a negative impact on children who are dealing with their parents’ divorce. Even when your intentions are good, realize that it’s your lawyer’s job to do everything in his or her power to fight for you and your interests. This creates a situation where the children are unavoidably – even if unintentionally – caught in the middle. Instead, mediation focuses on what’s best for the children and teaches you as parents how to separate your own interests from theirs.

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