Facing Divorce

Breakdown in communication is the leading indicator of problems. Solutions may be as simple as direct communication with your spouse about your feelings.

What We Do

We work with both parties in a confidential setting to reach an agreement, minimizing attorney and court costs. Our goal is to help you reach a peaceful and inexpensive resolution.

Why Choose Us

Our fees are affordable for everyone. We handle simple matters as well as the more complex cases. We prepare the documents. There is no charge for the initial consultation with you and your spouse in our office.


When friends divorce, it's hard on everyone. My ex-wife and I still care for each other and had trouble making the decision to separate. Divorce Without War® provided us with a peaceful resolution and enabled us to remain friends throughout the process.

- Bill

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How to Talk With a Three Year Old About Moving After a Divorce

Talking to your young child about divorce requires preparation and the use of appropriate language understood by your youngster. Explaining divorce requires cooperation between you and your spouse and a reasonable attempt to set aside your differences for the sake of your child, at least during the conversation itself.