Facing Divorce

Breakdown in communication is the leading indicator of problems. Solutions may be as simple as direct communication with your spouse about your feelings.

What We Do

We work with both parties in a confidential setting to reach an agreement, minimizing attorney and court costs. Our goal is to help you reach a peaceful and inexpensive resolution.

Why Choose Us

Our fees are affordable for everyone. We handle simple matters as well as the more complex cases. We prepare the documents. There is no charge for the initial consultation with you and your spouse in our office.


As a family attorney, I fully trust the DWW team and believe in their mission of Mediation. DWW cares so much for the people they mediate and for the ultimate goal of a low-cost, peaceful divorce. I highly recommend DWW for divorce mediation.

- Regina

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The Co-Parenting Cheat Sheet

So you've made it through your divorce. Or you've split as a couple, but the result of a relationship, however brief or long it was, that once existed has resulted in new love: your children. Whether you're excited about it or not, you'll be in a new and different relationship with your child's other parent for the next fifty or so years.